Community Updates

HPCC Scholarship application form

The Harrop-Procter Community Cooperative Scholarship will be awarded to a secondary school graduate who is a resident of the Harrop-Procter community. Applicants must be enrolled in a 1st year program, pursuing an education through a Technical/Trades School, College, or University. Studies related to Forestry, Environmental Studies, and Sciences will be given priority consideration but other areas of study will be considered where appropriate. Please forward applications by JUNE 1


New Rural Routes podcast features Harrop-Procter community forest

Rural Routes is a podcast produced in Saint John’s, Newfoundland.  It is an initiative of the Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation.

Their most recent episode is entitled The Future of Forestry.

The beginning of the podcast includes an interview with Floris Dusselhof from the community forest sawmill, and the latter part of the podcast includes an interview with forest manager Erik Leslie.

Harrop-Procter wins major community forestry award

Harrop-Procter community forest was recently awarded the Robin Hood Memorial Award for Excellence in Community Forestry.  The award, which comes with a $10,000 prize, is based on the recommendation of a committee of BC Community Forest Association directors and senior Ministry of Forests’ staff.

See the full BCCFA Press Release at