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Visual impacts of fuel treatments above Procter

The Community Co-operative is continuing our wildfire risk reduction work above Harrop and Procter.  Some of this work is visible from the North Shore and Balfour areas.  We always try to minimize visual impacts but on steeper terrain some of our work is visible, as can be seen in the attached image taken from the Balfour ferry terminal. 

The 400-acre area immediately above Procter was heavily logged in the 1970’s and has grown back as a very dense cedar-hemlock forest that presents an extreme fire risk for the Procter community.  HPCC currently has crews working to reduce the fuels in this area.

For those who are interested, attached is a summary of the rationale for HPCC managing the area above Procter to a ‘Partial Retention’ instead of a ‘Retention’ visual quality objective. 

If you have any questions on concerns, please contact Erik Leslie at




HPCC 2020 Survey Results

The results of the 2020 survey conducted by HPCC are completed. Thank you to all who took the time to fill out the survey questionnaire.

HPCC members will receive an electronic version of the survey results with comparative analysis via email. Below is an abbreviated version of the survey results for all non members.

HPCC Survey Results 2020 v10


In 2017, HPCC was chosen as the second recipient of the Robin Hood Memorial Award for excellence in Community Forestry by the BC Community Forest Association. The award recognizes the late Mr. Hood, a pioneer of community forestry in the province. It is accompanied by a monetary award of $10,000 from the provincial government.

At the direction of the Board, a committee was struck to discuss the feasibility of establishing an Educational Scholarship for local students with the funds….