Fences and Gardens


Cedar is the preferred species for fence and garden box construction due to its unique ability to withstand sun and moisture impacts over time. Typically rough cut band saw finish cedar is used for fencing and gardening  projects, though some customers prefer surfaced wood.  A typical fence will be constructed of 4×4 posts, 2×4 framing, and 1” material for the actual fence. A raised  bed constructed of 2” cedar material can be expected to last 12-15 years before needing replacement.


Western red cedar, Douglas fir, Western larch



  • Fence Boards: 1X4, 1X6,1X8,1X10,1X12
  • Fence posts: 3×3, 4×4, 5×5, 6×6
  • Framing Material: 2×2, 2×3, 2×4, 2×6, 2×8, 2×10
  • Raised bed garden box material: 5/4, 2×4, 2×6, 2×8, 2×10, 2×12
 Other sizes also available by special order.
  • 2 and better, Number 3, flat grain clear
  • As our business is also located in the Harrop Procter watershed, we do appreciate the care that is taken not only around manufacturing, but also in the process of timber harvesting in the Harrop-Procter Community Forest. They are truly leading the way by integrating water protection, ecostystem based forest management and wood product manufacturing into a healthy business model.

    Joern Wingender, President, The Traditional Timber Framing Company Inc., Sunshine Bay, BC

  • As a Carpenter based in Nelson BC, I strive for the highest quality in my work and that starts with the materials. HPFP exceeds my demands on quality, while at the same time remaining incredibly competitive on price and environmentally responsible.

    Corvus Udall, Evolution Carpentry, Nelson BC

  • North Mountain and its clients support the values that drive Harrop-Procter forest management decisions. Their staff and delivery service are great, and they stock a variety of products that are not available in conventional hardware stores. This is a great resource.

    Gabe Tyler, North Mountain

  • The whole Harrop-Procter Community Forest staff is a joy to work with. They are always very willing to answer questions and cater to my custom cutting needs.

    Tim Reilly, TRC Timberworks, Winlaw, BC