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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does your wood come from?

95% of our forest products are manufactured from logs originating from the Harrop-Procter Community Forest.

What is the business structure?

The Harrop-Procter Forest Products is a subsidiary of the HP Community Co-op, which is a not-for-proift co-op owned and operated by community members.

Where is Harrop Procter Retail Sales outlet located?

We’re at 726 Ogilvie Road in Harrop, BC. Here’s a map to our location.

Who are the customers we serve?

A mixture of local and regional Canadian contractors,  Forest Stewardship Council certified projects, retail customers and home owners.

Why is important to buy from a sustainable forestry?

The FSC® is the most stringent voluntary third party certification system in the world, and the only one backed by Environmental NGO’s. We chose FSC because it was the certification body most aligned with our  communities strong environmental and social commitment. The Harrop-Procter Community Forest was one of the first FSC certified forests in British Columbia.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard and cash.