Mill Manager Job Description

Harrop-Procter Community Co-operative

Mill Manager Job Description

Job Description

Harrop Procter Forest Products – Mill Manager

Reports to: Harrop Procter Community Cooperative Board of Directors


The Harrop Procter Community Cooperative (HPCC) operates from a commitment to the belief that it is possible to operate with vision and accountability and be financially sustainable. In 1999, the BC Ministry of Forests granted the community a forest license, and HPCC was formed. After decades of blockades and protests that left those working in forestry feeling devalued and attacked, and those with environmental concerns feeling concerned and antagonized, members of the community saw the opportunity to take a different approach, together. 

Since it began, HPCC’s Forest Manager has managed logging activity in alignment with community values and priorities, employing skilled community members in the enterprise. In 2009, the Harrop Procter Forest Products sawmill began operations – adding value to our local wood products and delivering on the commitment to provide local employment from our forests. Harrop Procter Forest Products is one of the few community forest-owned sawmills in the Province of BC. The mill is located on a small acreage in Harrop, with 8 – 10 employees operating a mix of main saw, scragg mill, resaw, moulder, and other mobile equipment. Over the last several years, the mill has generated just over $1M in sales annually, with a production of 400,000 bd ft. It is an important component of the unique and innovative approach to forestry taken by the Cooperative. 

Job Summary:

The HPFP Mill Manager is responsible to and supported by the Board (and its committees) to provide effective leadership to all aspects of the operation of the mill, in collaboration with the Forest Manager, and in alignment with the strategic direction, values, and priorities of the cooperative. This position requires the ability to balance good management practices, innovative thinking, great customer relations, and effective team building in the context of a small, community-owned wood products operation.

The Mill Manager will support a safe and efficient operation, develop positive working relationships with staff, customers, board members, and the community, provide sales leadership, financial oversight, and participate actively in setting the strategic direction of the organization, and the mill in particular.

Key Responsibilities and Duties

1. Ensures Safe and Efficient Mill Operations:

  • Responsible for the daily operations at the Mill, ensuring that all equipment and machinery is kept in good operational condition. 
  • Ensures that equipment is properly maintained and recommends replacement and/or upgrades to equipment as required.
  • Works collaboratively with the HPCC Forest Manager and other Community Forest Managers in the region to ensure appropriate log supply to meet production commitments.
  • In collaboration with the sawyer, ensures consistent product quality, lumber grading, and appropriate inventory levels.
  • Ensures staff follow industry appropriate standards for scaling, grading, and equipment operation.
  • Works with the staff to foster a culture of safety and occupational health.

2. Establishes Successful Sales and Marketing Approaches:

  • Supports positive sales performance at the mill, ensuring appropriate strategies are in place to maintain and expand the markets for HPFP wood products.
  • Monitors inventory and product sales and adjusts prices and sales promotions to maximize sales.
  • Coordinates marketing strategies and advertisements to promote HPCC and HPFP wood products.
  • Analyzes sales activities and results and sets achievable goals.
  • Establishes and maintains positive relationships with customers, contractors, and others, oversees staff sales activities, provision of quotes, delivery, and overall customer service.

3. Manages Staff and Creates a Positive Working Environment:

  • Responsible for hiring and training staff, payroll management, performance evaluation and termination where required. 
  • Supervises Mill staff; working closely with the sawyer and lead hands to ensure that staff are properly trained in the safe operation of equipment. 
  • Ensures that identified training needs are addressed.
  • Ensures that all HR activities are in full compliance with HPCC policies and Work Safe BC regulations and makes recommendations to the HR Committee and/or Board as appropriate.
  • Works collaboratively with the HR Committee to foster a positive, team-focused, respectful, and safe work environment.

4. Manages Financial and Operational Information Effectively:

  • Works with the Finance Committee to analyze the organization’s financial performance, identify opportunities and risks, and forecast trends.
  • Provides timely and accurate sales, financial, and operational information to the Board, working with administrative and mill staff to prepare regular reports for Board and Committee meetings, membership information, and other purposes.
  • Develops the mill’s annual budget, sales forecasts, and capital plans for input and approval by the Finance Committee and the Board.

5. Engages in Strategic Planning and Supports Organizational Alignment:

  • Works with the Strategic Planning Committee to outline plans for efficient operation, alignment of mill and forest management priorities.
  • Establishes work plans and priorities, and identifies opportunities for new product lines or markets, reflecting the organization’s commitment to sustainability and scale.
  • Oversees the implementation of board-approved projects and initiatives at the Mill and works with the Strategic Planning Committee to monitor results and adjust planning as appropriate.


The Mill Manager works as part of a team of staff and board members to facilitate the vision of the community forest in the Harrop Procter area.  It is a unique organization, committed to sustainable forestry and milling, with a positive bottom line, in the interests of the community as a whole.  The Manager will bring to the role their own unique combination of skills and experience, incorporating:

  • At least 5 years of management/supervisory experience in a milling or wood processing environment
  • Excellent working knowledge of wood milling process and equipment
  • Demonstrated skills in staff supervision, team building and human resource management.
  • Direct sales and marketing experience, with proven customer relations skills
  • Skills and experience in developing and analyzing budgets and financial statements and preparing operational and financial reports.
  • Demonstrated understanding of sustainable forest and milling practices and the community forest model, including an understanding of opportunities to reduce waste and create value added opportunities from waste products.
  • Good written and verbal communications skills
  • An equivalent combination of skills and experience

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