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About Us

The Harrop-Procter Community Forest Cooperative manages 11,300 hectares of Crown Land and runs a small sawmill. We practice ecosystem-based forestry and sell lumber products directly from our mill in Harrop.

Our mandate is to practice socially and environmentally progressive forestry that protects local watersheds while creating sustainable jobs in our community.

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Situated between the Purcell and Selkirk Mountains of southeastern British Columbia, the tiny villages of Harrop and Procter are hard at work developing embracing a new approach to forestry in British Columbia.

The goal of ecosystem-based planning is to leave a fully functioning forest after logging takes place. Harrop-Procter was one of the first community forests in BC with ecosystem-based plans at both the landscape and timber stand levels.

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Harrop-Procter Community

Since 1999, our purpose is to manage the business of the community forest and the milling division - Harrop Procter Forest Products - and hold the Community Forest Agreement.
Currently the co-op has over 200 members. HPCC is a “not-for-profit” co-op because shareholders receive no dividends. Decisions are made by the volunteer Board of Directors on behalf of the membership and are to be for the benefit of the community as a whole.

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Why Become a Member?

Watershed Protection ~ Community input & oversight of forest operations in the Harrop Procter area
Make it work ~ broad base of support and participation creates leverage
Have your say! ~ Membership offers you the opportunity to vote
Keep informed! ~ Receive updates and newsletters
Get a discount ~ 10% on Mill lumber

Memberships are currently only available to local residents of Harrop & Procter, BC. To request a membership, please email us below with your Name and Address.

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Every organization needs growth to prosper – join, learn and become part of a special community-driven endeavour.

Call Us

(250) 229-2271

Forest Management 1

Forest Management

Ecosystem-based planning

Harrop-Procter Community Forest employs an ecosystem-based approach to forest management. This considers a broad range of ecological and social forest values.

Forest Management 2

We approached Silva Forest Foundation, a leader in ecosystem-based forest conservation and management, to develop an ecosystem-based plan. Based on the principles of landscape ecology and conservation biology, it takes a precautionary approach to protecting water quality, wildlife habitat, old growth forests, and biodiversity.

Forest Management 4

Our detailed analysis of our landbase indicates that 70% of our community forest is not suitable for timber management, either because it is too sensitive, contains critical wildlife habitat, or is economically inaccessible. Riparian and headwaters areas, old growth forests, potentially unstable terrain, low productivity sites, and caribou habitat are all reserved.

Forest Management 6

HPCC utilizes a broad range of silvicultural systems and harvest methods, based on forest type, terrain, site sensitivity, soil moisture, and forest health considerations. All of our harvesting operations utilize partial cutting techniques to retain mature trees dispersed throughout the harvest area.

Forest Management 7

The majority of our harvesting to date has been high-retention single-tree or small group selection, with 60% retention of canopy trees. All of our logging attempts to mimic natural forest disturbances.

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